Byte Camp -
Build an App
Byte Camp Victoria HQ,
2201 Chambers St, Victoria
11-14yrs, 9am-4pm,
T-F, Aug 3 - Aug 6 2021 (4 days)
Learn how to design, code, test and deploy you very own app! Use the GPS, accelerometer or anything else you can think of to build your app from scratch. This is a coding camp, so be prepared to challenge yourself and learn some new skills. Each day a new project is introduced and students are taken through the steps of understanding and working with the new code ideas. Students will get to work on their own project ideas on the final two days. They may use their own mobile devices to develop and test on, or use ours. No previous experience is required however Byte Camp's 2D Video Game Design is recommended.
"I ve been very impressed with Byte Camp. The instructors are typically very friendly and welcoming, and the stuff Elliot has produced in the verious camps he has done has been great. Thank you!"

- Elliot's Parent
program #: 3446
fee: $290.00
spaces available: 3
(last updated 2021-07-26 05:15:00)
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Byte Camp Victoria HQ
telephone #: 1-888-808-2983
course barcode #: 00021056
online registration: available here

For more information please contact:    1-888-808-BYTE(2983)