Byte Camp -
3D Video Game Design
Nanaimo Rec @ Beban Park,
2300 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
11-14yrs, 9am-3pm,
M-F, Aug 9 - Aug 13 2021 (5 days)
Create your own 3D Video Game! Invent your own digital worlds levels, adventures and quests using Blender, a great (& free) 3D Game Engine. Students will learn to make their own custom controls and gameplay using Blender's unique Logic Bricks design interface. Instructors will lead students through exercises to introduce the most important 3D game design skills in the early part of the week and then support students on their own projects for the second half. The final project is a game you can take home on USB. Byte Camp's 3D Animation course is a prerequisite.
"I enjoyed learning how to model our cars and I also enjoyed learning how to set up/create our games. IT WAS LOTS OF FUN!"

- Jady
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fee: $400.00
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Nanaimo Rec @ Beban Park
telephone #: 250-756-5227
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For more information please contact:    1-888-808-BYTE(2983)